School Council

On this page we will be keeping you up to date with the school council actions. This year the council will start with children from year 3 – 6 who will be supported by Miss Jones.

“The experience of schools which have pupil participation indicates that pupils are happier and participate in their education more effectively when their ideas are listened to, and their opinions valued.”

Meet the Team

The votes are in an the 2020/21 school councilors have been elected! Congratulations to our new team. We cannot wait to get started with our first challenge. Each class councilor will be asking their peers what they want from their representatives this year. They will then use the feedback to create a logo and motto. Watch this space to see what they create.

Our Aims

Meeting Minutes

Being in the School Council is something that the children are always very proud of. The children have all been voted for by their peers based on their response to the school Job Description.

Whilst in the school council, the children will be given opportunities to develop their leadership and communication skills.

This is how Clapgate School Council is effective:

  • Spark: The councillors use their creativity and imagination to take on any changes and projects that their peers address. They also encourage their peers to share ideas and encourage the ethos that ‘no idea is a bad idea’. 
  • Grit: The councillors often face barriers when working on projects. They will need to rely of their resilience and support to see it through to the end. 
  • Team: Regular meetings take place either in school or on Teams. Good communication and collaboration happens between representatives and their class. At times the councillors work in smaller groups (subcommittees) on specific events or issues
  • Humanity: The councillors understand that they are representative of the whole school (KS1 members to join after Easter). They are always respectful of their peers. 
  • Knowledge: The councillors often seek new knowledge in order to be successful in their role. Therefore opportunities for research and training are created. The councillors also recognise and value the strengths of the individuals in the team.
  • Most importantly: “A good school council is one that represents the views of all students and gets things done.”

The School Council meets weekly during term time. Click the links below to see what was discussed in each school council meeting.


February recordings


January recordings


Logo & Motto

Our first challenges was to create a logo and motto for the School Council. The councilors asked their classes about what they think school council is and what they think the role of a school councilor is. 

Below, you can see the evolution of the logo and motto. We started looking at different ideas and decided our favourite. The final design will be revealed soon. Watch the top of this page to see which design won the vote.

Also a special mention to Mikey, who took the lead on this project, for taking all the ideas and creating the final logo. 

Ideas Stage

Here you can see the first 2 designs brought to the table. The councillors thought about what they liked and what they wanted to include. It was at this stage that the team decided that they would like to incorporate the new Clapgate colours. 

It was also decided that they wanted it to be clear that the role of a school councilor is to listen. Chriselda suggested that we could include an ear to show this. 

Planning Stage

Summer arrived at the next meeting with some amazing ideas which incorporated everything we had talked about in the previous meeting. As you can see there were also some more motto ideas. Including ideas around being heard.

We discussed all the things we liked about the motto and logos suggested so far and as the children were sharing what they liked, Miss Jones started to collate all their thoughts. 

Decision Stage

Mikey arrived at our final meeting with 2 designs for the councillors to choose from. Some of the changes which were requested by the team included brightening the blue so that the lettering would contrast more with the purple.

The team also thought that whilst most of the children are learning at home and cannot contact their councillors we could use an email address. If this is something that is possible we decided that we could include the address on the logo at a later date.

British Values

The School Council are a huge part of the social, emotional and cultural wellbeing of all the children in school. Because of this, Miss Proctor has asked the councillors to think about how they can make the children of Clapgate aware of their rights as a citizen of Britain. 

Research Stage

It was decided that we need to be sure what each of the values mean before we began thinking of ways to share with the whole school. The children got into small groups and spent some time researching. They time any effort which was put into this task amazed Miss Jones. Here you can see a PowerPoint about mutual respect created by Chriselda and on the left is Maisie’s work on Individual Liberty.

Mutual Respect

Planning Stage


The children have been working in pairs to decide how they will

communicate how we can demonstrate the British Values at Clapgate.

Here you can see the children starting to practice ready to be recorded 

next week!