“The more you read, the more you will know, the more you learn, the more you will grow.”
-Dr Seuss

Reading At Clapgate

We at Clapgate want to promote a ‘love of reading’ within our students to ensure that they have the skills and desire to become life long readers. We understand the importance of reading in the wider world and want to ensure that our children have the resilience and independence to continue their reading journey throughout their education. As a result, we ensure that our pupils are provided with opportunities to engage in high quality texts and can talk with pride about their favourite books and poems with the knowledge that reading for pleasure is a key part of their learning.

We also view reading as a skill which will allow them to uncover new facts and stories. They know that reading will help them throughout their life so they are enthused to improve. We do this through looking at the tool box of skills needed to comprehend a text and infer its meaning, for children to be able to learn from what they are reading. Pupils are also encouraged to respond creatively to texts in a variety of ways such as drama, art and poetry, in order for our pupils to become confident, independent and fluent readers, with a wealth of knowledge and a variety of opinions on book genres.

Overview of Subject Approach 

Please see the document below which clearly outlines our reading approach teaching at Clapgate. 

Reading at Clapgate Overview


Learner Profile

Here you will find our learner profiles for Reading at Clapgate.

This shows how our children show our key values within school. We have seperated this into Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, to show the development in reading and how the focus shifts within the interaction of the subject.

KS1 Reading Learner Profile

KS2 Reading Learner Profile

Additional Information

We have launched a new library system within school that allows children to interact with our school library from home. Here, children can have a look at what the school has in the library, send us recommendations of what they would like to read, leave reviews, watch videos by authors and find other books to read.

School Library Website

In returning back to school, we would also love to focus on the pleasure of reading. Encourage children to read at home, and make it fun for them to read in different ways to engage them. Here is a bingo card you could use:

Reading Bingo