“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist when they grow up.” – Pablo Picasso.

Art at Clapgate

Art at Clapgate is creative and focuses on developing the children’s understanding and knowledge of artists both living and non-living and specific art movements from history including the great masters. The children follow a scheme of work which encourages them to learn about the 6 key areas of art : drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, textiles and collage. They have access to a range of different art materials and work in a purpose built art room with space and light. The children look at existing art work to create their own interpretations and style and are actively encouraged to share their favourite art form or artist through their own way of working. Where possible we make strong links to other areas of the school curriculum and their learning. We endeavour to send the children to secondary school with a strong skills set and knowledge of art.


Overview of Subject Approach 

Please see the document below which clearly outlines our approach to art at Clapgate. 



Learner Profile

Here you will find our subject learner profile for art.

Medium Term Plans

Please the document below which clearly outlines our approach to teaching art at Clapgate. 




Progression Grids

Below you will find our skills progression grids for art.

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